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Research focus

FfAME is a non-profit center for innovative polydisciplinary research in science and technology, emphasizing distinctive combinations of the molecular, life and planetary sciences.

DNA Technology and Systems Biology

FfAME is researching technologies to make DNA sequencing cheaper, synthesize genes faster, and support a new generation of genomics research and personalized medicine.

Synthetic Biology and Artificial Darwinian Systems

FfAME scientists have developed the first artificial genetic systems capable of reproduction, evolution, and adaptation. Now, in collaboration with the Harvard Medical School and Scripps, the Foundation hosts one of three NSF Chemical Bonding Centers, seeking to create completely artificial Darwinian chemical systems.

Origin of Life

We understand ourselves and the life around us by understanding how we came to be. The Foundation uses evolutionary analysis to ask why we are the way we are and how we might have been different.

Human Medical Genomics

The planetary histories of diseases help diagnose and treat infectious and geriatric causes. Gout, hypertension, inflammation, and obesity all arise from events in the past 60 million years of primate evolution.

Computational Biology

The Foundation is a leader in developing databases and software tools to analyze biodiversity and to support pharmacophylogenomics. These tools support research and teaching in academics and industry.

We thank NASA and STScI for the image of the Milky Way.
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